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Worship Team

The worship team at Wellspring is a talented group of individuals who all share a passion for raising up a joyful noise. There are several places in the Bible where the church is instructed to sing to the Lord, like Colossians 3:16 and Ephesians 5:19, and to do it with gladness and thankfulness. We strive to be the kind of church which takes this directive to heart. Our worship services are an integral and vital part of our ministry, and we do everything we can to make each one a special and unique experience.

Our worship team makes it their mission to reach out to other worship teams in order to act as a bridge which connects churches together. We see worship as an avenue for fostering a sense of community between local churches and a way to make each of us stronger as we meet new people and form lasting bonds between various members of multiple congregations. We hope to be able to lift up other churches in order to help us all draw more attention to and increase the reputation of God. After all, if someone comes to us and can’t find what they’re looking for here, we want to help them find somewhere they can. Any success for the Kingdom of God is our success too.

It is within that sense of teamwork that we host as many worship events as we can find the ability to. We currently have a quarterly worship night in which we invite many churches around our community to come worship with us, and their worship teams are welcome to come play and praise with us as well. We organize outreach and public events in an effort to put our God on display, and we want everyone in the city to come help us enhance the name of the Lord.

Worship Leader

Ryan Murray

Ryan Murray helped build Wellspring with his father and former pastor, Rod Murray. Ryan studied worship at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, and has served as the worship leader since the church’s foundation. One of his goals as a worship leader is to connect with other worship teams and organize events where other churches can come worship with Wellspring and out in the community.

Contact our Worship Leader

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