Find your place in community at Wellspring.

Wellspring Connect

Wellspring Connect is a roadmap for our church that lets us find ways to welcome you and get you plugged into our community in a manner with which you feel the most comfortable.

We want you to know you’re valuable to us by showing you just how much we have to offer you. We use this method to find ways to connect to you through what we call our connection pathways, listed below.

Church Events

We believe that there should always be connection events within the church, and we supply those events through what we call our In-Reach Ministry.

We do a little bit of everything, from board game nights and video game tournaments to mystery dinners and chili cook-offs! Events will be scheduled several months ahead of time; people of all ages are welcome to attend, making connections with others and enjoying themselves.

Post-Service Meals

We want to sit down and talk with you for a while. We want to get to know you, and we hope you want to get to know us. Contact us and schedule an informal meal for you and your family in our cafe, either after a service or whenever is the best time for you.

You can learn more about our church and meet our Pastor or any of the other leaders you’d like to get to know. We’d love to have you!

Join Our Team

At Wellspring, it is our mission to win, build, and send good Christian leaders out into their own ministries. Once a month, we provide opportunities to become part of our teams in what we appropriately call Team Nights. This is designed as a pathway to allow you to get your foot into the door and participate in the work we’re doing in our church.

We want to walk alongside and support you as you grow in your own personal ministry and relationship with God. Below is a list of the teams, and if you want an even more detailed description of what a certain team will be doing, click the link of the team name you want to know more about!

First Steps

Wellspring First Steps is an introduction on the basics of living a Christian life. If you have recently decided to become a Christian or are thinking about doing so, contact us and we will help you take these steps when you’re ready.

This opportunity is available for all ages.


Wellspring Grow is a path of personal study and growth through three available avenues, including small group studies, online study classes, and ministry development courses.


Wellspring Pray is an introduction to prayer. It starts with our prayer groups and extends to team retreats and community worship events. This team focuses on and teaches in areas of spiritual growth and maturity and takes the time to put those acquired skills into practice.


Wellspring Serve is a finely-tuned pathway to serving in our church. We believe it is important for members of our community to serve each other in some way, both in and outside the church.

On day one, there are plenty of places to serve with us, and as we mature in the gifts of service together, there will be many more. We also provide many opportunities to not only serve our community, but all sorts of communities around the world.

Get Connected at Wellspring

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